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dr nalaka
A doctor who takes his time. A natural Indian art of healing based on knowledge that is over 5000 years old. An oasis of relaxation on a natural beach away from mass tourism:

this is Ayurveda in Sandaru Lanka.

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An Ayurveda treatment in Sandaru Lanka is perfect for you if you

dream of taking a break and recharging your batteries,

feel the need to find inner peace and sleep better,

are determined to detox and balance your weight,

want to regenerate and strengthen your immune system,

want to alleviate acute or chronic ailments,

are in favour of natural healing methods and love massages,

need time for yourself to gain clarity and refocus.

What can you expect from your Ayurveda treatment?

An experienced Ayurveda doctor who recognises you as a person and listens to you,

a pulse diagnosis to determine your physical condition and plan a personalised therapy,

traditional healing methods to detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate the body,

your regular therapist, who will provide you with qualified and targeted treatment,

Ayurvedic full board tailored to your type,

warm water, herbal teas, fruit juices,

2.5 to 3 hours of treatments and soothing oil massages every day,

natural herbal medicine from Sri Lanka,



a visit to or from a Buddhist monk and

recommendations for when you are home to anchor the healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle in your everyday life.

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Who is an Ayurveda treatment suitable for?

Single travellers, couples, women and men and small groups spend an Ayurveda break in Sandaru Lanka to

achieve deep relaxation and inner peace,

dedicate themselves to their inner and outer beauty,

recognize themselves, their bodies and their needs,

re-align themselves after crises and illnesses,

leave professional stress behind and recharge their batteries,

overcome or avoid burnout,

cope with voluntary and involuntary turning points in life,

do something good for their health,

strengthen themselves physically and gain mental clarity and

spend valuable time that will have a long-lasting beneficial effect.

Ayurveda invites you to give yourself and your health the attention that is often neglected in everyday life.

A traditional Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment lasts three to four weeks. It detoxifies, cleanses and boosts the metabolism. And it improves digestion. The healing treatments strengthen the immune system and harmonise the nervous system. They stabilise the body after infections and activate the body’s self-healing powers.


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Would you like to spend a week or two in Sandaru Lanka?

We will of course put together a spa and pampering programme for you that will relax you deeply and do your health lasting good.

Your time is now and it starts here.

For a healthy mind in a healthy body: treat yourself to an Ayurveda break in Sri Lanka and balance your life energy.